Our Breads

White Organic Sourdough



Using untreated organic white flour, (for both the sourdough leaven and the main dough),this is our  favourite loaf. We make no apology for preferring the white – the long-fermentation gives the loaf such a good flavour and makes an unbelievable sandwich.


Weight: 400 grams.



Biodynamic Organic Brown Sourdough



Using stoneground flour and a natural wheat leaven, this long-fermented loaf has a rich ‘wheaty’ taste. This is the bread for lovers of wholemeal bread and is an ideal accompaniment to soups and smoked fish.


Weight: 400 grams.





Organic Oat and Toasted Sunflower Seed Boule



A hearty round loaf, made with natural leaven, a mixture of organic flour, oats, toasted sunflower seeds, sweetened with agave nectar and long-fermented, this is an obvious partner to any ploughman's lunch. With a deep nutty flavour, it makes superb toast.


Weight: 600grams.





Raisin, Rye and Caraway Loaf



Made with our natural leaven, dark and moist, this is the bread for cheese. Stuffed with raisins and spiced with organic caraway seeds this long fermented bread has good keeping qualities and a little goes a long way. Perfect at the end of lunch or dinner.


Weight: 600 grams.



Buy our Bread



Our bread is freshly made overnight for sale at many locations in London. As it is a handmade product, as with all artisan food colour and size may vary slightly from loaf to loaf but the great taste will remain the same!


We cannot guarantee what loaves we will have for sale at the markets due to changes in flour and other ingredients and the process behind making our bread, but we do aim to have at least three different types of loaves that you can enjoy. Get to the markets early as our bread sells out fast!.


We’re a certified social enterprise and a member of the national trade body,

Social Enterprise UK.

The Real Bread Campaign